Bishop addresses ‘Homes For Wales’ rally

Bp John Davies

Bishop John Davies addresses the rally

Posted 9 March 2016

A Welsh bishop has called for people to pay more tax to help solve the housing crisis.

Speaking at a rally earlier this month, the Bishop of Swansea and Brecon, the Rt Revd John Davies, said homes were the cornerstone of a healthy society and we had to be prepared to fund them.

He was speaking on the steps of the Senedd – the home of the Welsh Government – at the start of the Homes For Wales campaign rally.

More than 300 people attended the event which was organised by a coalition of housing organisations and supported by the Church in Wales.

Bishop Davies, who is the Church in Wales’ spokesman on social issues, said: “We’re not talking about housing – I have used the word ‘home’ – that is something we understand in Wales, something that goes deep into our consciousness.

“Homes create social cohesion, create communities, give you the chance to have self-esteem, dignity and security – and security creates an environment where people can learn, flourish and develop a healthier lifestyle, develop their own sense of well-being. The absence of a home will create the opposite – it will lead to people’s lives becoming chaotic and lacking in the virtues we so easily take for granted.”

However, he warned: “So where’s the money to come from? Tap your own pockets – it has to come from us.” [Church in Wales News]