Church tax revenue decrease in Finland

Helsinki Cathedral Photo Alvesgaspar

Helsinki Cathedral (Photo: Alvesgaspar)

Posted 14 January 2017

The church tax paid in 2016 amounted to €890.1 million, a decrease of €15.8 million or 1.8 per cent since 2015.

The biggest growth of tax revenues compared to 2015 occurred in Jokioinen, Inkoo and Teuva churches. In turn, church tax revenue decreased most in Merikarvianjoki, Kyyjärvi and Rääkkylän churches.

As far as large church communities are concerned, tax revenues grew in Helsinki, Espoo and Turku, but decreased in Tampere, Oulu and Vantaa.

Parish amalgamations

Turku Archdiocese

Oripään church is abolished and incorporated with Pöytyä church. The the church is called church of Pöytyä.

Luvian church is abolished and incorporated with Eurajoen church. The name of the church is the church of Eurajoki.

Tampere Diocese

Padasjoen, Kärkölä and Kuhmoisten parishes cease to exist and are connected to Hollola parish. The name of the church is the church of Hollola.

Mikkeli Diocese

Congregations of Kotka, Kymi, Langinkoski and Kotka-Kymi Seurakuntayhtymä have been abolished. In place is the establishment of a new Kotka-Kymi church, the district of which comprises the town of Kotka. [Church of Finland News]