Clothes for confirmation – Denmark

Lone Buhl Pedersen

Vicar Lone Buhl Pedersen with some of the clothes she has collected for confirmation candidates

Posted 1 May 2016

Vicar Lone Buhl Pedersen from Østbirk in eastern Denmark is giving confirmation candidates clothes for their ‘big day’.

A confirmation party can be cheap and still be great, she says, and she therefore collects dresses and suit jackets, which she donates to the candidates.

Confirmation, which is really about confirming the baptismal ‘yes’ to the Christian faith, can develop into a spending spree with many guests, great gifts and expensive clothes.

New figures from Nordea and TNS Gallup also show that Danish parents spend on average 19,425 Kroner on the party alone. In addition, spending on clothing averages over 10,000 Kroner.

But it does not have to be expensive to be good, says Ms Pedersen

When parents spend much money on their children’s confirmation, it is obviously an indication that they see it as a significant day and they clearly want the best for their children. But it is not the material things that make it a great day. It can be done cheaply and become a great party, she says.

Ms Pedersen has started a continuous collection of communion dresses, suit jackets and shirts, as candidates pass their clothes on to the next.

The initiative reminds young people and their families of what confirmation is about, while keeping the cost down for individual families.

Ms Pedersen adds that if parents do not have much money, their young people are fully aware of this and so it is often easier to say ‘no’ to being confirmed at all, simply because they do not want to embarras their parents. [Church of Denmark News]