COI Gazette – 15th August 2014

Evangelical Alliance complaint upheld by Advertising Standards Authority

Dave Landrum

Dave Landrum

The Evangelical Alliance’s complaint about an offensive advertisement by the gambling organisation Sporting Index, which was published by London’s City AM newspaper on the threshold of the start of the 12th June-13th July FIFA World Cup in Brazil, was upheld last week by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) (Gazette initial report, 20th June).

The ruling, published on the ASA website, found that the 10th June advertisement, in which the Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil was digitally altered, breached three sections of the ASA’s Code.

The image of the statue was graphically altered and shown to be holding a bottle of an alcoholic drink in the right hand, with the left arm around a bikini-clad model over the caption: “There’s a more exciting side to Brazil.”




Lancelot Andrewes, one of the greatest of all Churchmen in Anglican Church history, was born in London and educated at Merchant Taylors’ Grammar School and Pembroke Hall, Cambridge, where he became a Fellow and, eventually, Master of the College.

At a very early age, he showed particular intellectual aptitude which made him a master of Hebrew and Greek before he had even left school. In adulthood, Andrewes became one of the select group of Anglican scholars whose accomplishments were so remarkable that they earned the title ‘stupor mundi’ – the ‘wonder of the world’.

He was appointed Dean of Westminster by Queen Elizabeth I and during the reign of James I, who was highly impressed by him, he held a variety of posts, including those of Dean of the Chapel Royal and Lord High Almoner and, successively, Bishop of Chichester, Ely and, finally, Winchester. Andrewes was highly conscientious in all his activities, a model bishop in every respect, combining pastoral activity of the highest order with a deep personal devotional life. He was famed as a preacher, attracting huge crowds with his careful exposition and application of the Holy Scriptures, his congregations ranging from the high and mighty of the land to the most deprived, about whom he cared passionately. He was a leading member of the team of scholars who produced the Authorized Version of the Bible (1611).

Theologically, Andrewes parted company, early, from the prevalent Calvinist theology, arguing against the doctrine of predestination that “the cause of man not being drawn to God is the depraved will of man, not the absolute will of God”. Although not by nature controversially inclined, he became engaged in a long argument at a distance with Cardinal Bellarmine over the rival claims of their respective Churches. He was a staunch upholder of both royal authority and the position of bishops and defended the doctrines of the real presence and the eucharistic offering from a Church of England standpoint, freely using the terms ‘altar’ and ‘sacrifice’.

His most important relic to posterity is his own personal collection of devotions, his Preces Privatae, which have been described as “a glorious bejewelled patchwork of liturgical worship”. This editorial is one in a series of occasional reflections on figures in Church history, following a chronological sequence as they appear.


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