COI Gazette – 19th January 2012

Sally Keeble

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Anglican development, relief and advocacy agency seeks views in online initiative

The Anglican Alliance – the official Anglican Communion body focusing on development, relief and advocacy issues – has launched an online consultation on the priorities for Anglicans’ mission to overcome poverty and injustice worldwide .

The results of the survey will help the Alliance take forward its global workplan in its three areas of specific concern.


Speaking last November at a conference on the theme of developing the ecumenical vision in the 21st century, held under the auspices of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, the Revd Bob Fyffe, General Secretary of CTBI, said that the need for greater unity and witness between Churches had never been more urgent, but he also observed that, because so many of the “road signs” pointed in other directions, a clearer vision for ecumenism in our time was needed.

The keynote speaker at the event was the Revd Olav Fykse Tveit, General Secretary of the World Council of Churches. Dr Tveit pointed out that the ecumenical movement in the 20th century had deeply transformed relationships between Churches that had been divided for generations and had brought Christians of all traditions closer to each other, but he added: “Having taken the more easy options for cooperation and change in the past, we are now left with the more difficult steps forward.”

A major theme in Dr Tveit’s vision was that of mutual accountability among the Churches. Here is not only a vision for the future, but also a profound challenge. Having grown together to the extent that conversation readily flows between denominations, can that conversation now be deepened so that the Churches actually allow themselves to be held to account by each other? A mark of true friendship is the ability to speak hard truths to one another and, in a way, that is the only kind of friendship that really makes a difference.

Home News

  • AMS – ‘a loving fellowship’, a resource for the Church
  • New book launched on BCP Postcommunion prayers
  • Successful ‘Black Santa’ appeals
  • Dublin ‘Black Santa’ appeal raises record sum and sees ‘first’
  • ‘Really remarkable’ response to Dean of Belfast’s first Christmas Sitout
  • Clogher ‘Black Santa’ sitout on behalf of Samaritans
  • Mission theme at two Crosslinks events
  • Mothers’ Union members encouraged to be ‘dangerous women’
  • St Patrick’s services online
  • Tribute – The Revd Allen Stephen Delamere

World News

  • Church property ruling in America
  • Ugandan Primate, Archbishop Orombi, standing down
  • Archbishop Makgoba supports Covenant
  • In Israel, Christian population has lowest growth rate, report says
  • Latino evangelical coalition highlights issues for US election
  • Pope Benedict’s new cardinals

Features and Columns

  • Insight  – Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
  • Soap – Down At St. David’s
  • Rethinking Church – Stephen Neil –  Postman Pat as a model of ministry?
  • Life Lines – Ron Elsdon –  587 and all that

Book Reviews

Author: Edward Adams Publisher: SPCK


News Extra

  • Trinity College Dublin Chapel Choir to celebrate 250th anniversary
  • Renowned Church of Ireland laywoman appointed to prestigious European position
  • Appointment
  • Death

Review Introduction

This Gazette Review supplement is intended as a contribution to the wider discussion that is taking place in the Church on the subject of same-sex relationships. It is a difficult debate, as the extensive correspondence over recent months in the Gazette has shown, but it is one that simply must take place.

There has to be a mutual listening and it is precisely for this reason that the correspondence in our columns has not been halted, as we sometimes do when it seems that enough may have been said on a topic. Rather, on this subject, the exchanges need to continue, but they may do so only in a spirit of mutual regard.

Here, the Bishops lead the contributions with a background to the forthcoming conference which they have called on the subject.

There then follow two articles, both approaching the subject from a spirituality and experiential perspective. The first is from an American Episcopalian lesbian couple, the Revd Jan Nunley and her partner, Susan Erdey. Then follows an essay by an abstaining gay man, who is a member of the Church of Ireland but, for reasons that are understandable, writes under a pseudonym, Marcel Sanchez.

The final two contributions are more of an academic nature and are by the Very Revd Stephen White, Dean of Killaloe, who writes from a liberal perspective, and the Revd Melanie Lacy, originally of the Church of Ireland but now teaching at Oak Hill College, London, who approaches the issue with a conservative view.

The order in which these four articles appear (liberal, conservative – liberal, conservative) is based on the approach that, when a change is suggested, those proposing or supporting it speak first.

The Gazette hopes that this supplement, which is also being published online with our e-paper (www.gazette., will be found to be of use within the Church of Ireland as the debate on same-sex relationships progresses. – Editor

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