COI Gazette -21st December 2018

Primate talks personally about faith


The following is an interview with Archbishop Richard Clarke, conducted by Alf McCreary (Belfast Telegraph).

How and when did you come to faith?

I grew up in a Church of Ireland rectory, so faith and belief were always part of the background of my growing up, even though, at times, I have, of course, had to question my faith and think through its implications. Belief and the implications of faith are something that are always there, even though they are also part of my daily job.

Have you ever had a crisis of faith, or a gnawing doubt about your faith?

I have had to struggle at times – for example, at the time of my wife’s illness and death from cancer. But I have always interrogated my faith from inside rather than from outside, if that makes sense.

Have you ever been angry with God? And, if so, why?

No, I have been deeply disappointed by things that have happened (and perhaps, hence with God), but I am not sure that I have felt actively angry. If you read the Psalms, you can read about people being angry with God.




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As we continue to live with the turmoil of Brexit and other political uncertainties – here is an interesting thought from theologian Walter Brueggemann: “The
simple practice of neighbourliness will be profoundly subversive in our society and wildly generative of well-being and joy”.

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