COI Gazette – Plans for the Future

28th SeptFor the past 162 years The Church of Ireland Gazette, published by Church of Ireland Press, has provided a platform for the news and views of the Church on an all-Ireland basis, drawing together the people of the Church. Founded as a monthly journal, the Gazette became weekly in 1880.

The editor of the Gazette and the board of Church of Ireland Press are delighted to be able to announce the launching of the printed and online versions of the Gazette, in magazine format, as a monthly publication. This exciting change will be made in January 2019.

Guiding principles

The memorandum of association of the Church of Ireland Press Ltd, the company that owns the Gazette, sets out the guiding principles for the Gazette. “The object for which the company is established is to advance the Christian religion among the people of Ireland in accordance with the doctrines of the Church of Ireland …” That remains our guiding principle. We are proud to be an independent voice within the Church.

Why change now?

The world has moved on from receiving news via the printed media. The Gazette needs to recognise this and to re-invent itself to ensure that the platform it uses to facilitate debate and deliver news information to and for the Church, appeals to people in pews across the island.

What will change, what will stay the same?

In monthly magazine format, the Gazette will continue to provide an opportunity for discussion and debate, and the new format will also offer space for more deeply researched articles. It will continue to present the news and views of the Church of Ireland and the

Christian community in Ireland and overseas.

Importantly, the new format will enable the Gazette to carry a wider variety of stories about church people and their various ways of contributing towards the wide spectrum of life in their parishes and communities, as well as offer practical advice about the real things that people need to know – from running crèches to running choirs, maintaining steeples to managing graveyards, and celebrating the voluntary contributions of church members and their families.

We are seeking your support

Our aim is to carry important stories from parishes and dioceses to the rest of the Church of Ireland, as well as to ensure that important national and international stories and relevant information is available to be accessed by the person in the pew.

The monthly Gazette will include stories and features to interest the whole cross section of people and age groups that represent our Church members.

The existence of the Gazette to this day is a testament to the committed and talented work of editorial teams and boards, from its foundation.

We are also grateful to every subscriber and reader for your support, and that of our advertisers. This support has been crucial to our ability to communicate across the island with news, views and information.

We look forward to telling you more about these exciting developments over the coming months. The editor and the board are confident that the change in format will strengthen the contribution that the Gazette makes to the life and witness of the Church.