Danish Refugee Voices song project

Sys Bjerre

Sys Bjerre is one of the 12 artists who interpreted the refugees’ songs.

Posted 5 March 2016

Together with the Red Cross and Rotary, Denmark’s DanChurchAid Asylum Co-operation recently co-ordinated a Refugee Voices five-day tour of Denmark.

Refugee Voices is a musical project in which refugees from countries – including Syria, Iraq, Iran and Bosnia – have written songs about their experiences of war trauma and escape.

The project saw the light in 2014, when 12 songs were interpreted by a number of Danish artists – among other Fenger, Julie Berthelsen, Sys Bjerre, Tue West, Freya and Sara Grabow – both on the album, Refugee Voices, and in concerts in Copenhagen, Haderslev, Odense, Ribe and Aalborg.

Refugee Voices was the initiative of Gert Barslund who is a psychologist and a songwriter who was involved with the 12 songs in the project. Every song is based on the story of one of the refugees.

Both artists and the backing band performed free of charge. The proceeds will go to activities for residents in refugee reception centres. [Church of Denmark News]