Göteborg Book Fair and the Church of Sweden: enhanced cooperation in 2017

Göteborg Book Fair

Programme manager of the Book Fair, Daniel Levin (left) with the project managers for “Se människan” (Ecce homo) Erika Hedenström and Mikael Ringlander. Photo: Magnus Aronson.

Posted 27 September 2016

“Enlightenment” will be the main theme for the 2017 Book Fair in Gothenburg. This theme links to Reformation Year 2017 and the Church of Sweden will have a greater role than usual at the Book Fair.

“For many years now, we have enjoyed excellent cooperation with the Church of Sweden. When the Book Fair has discussed 2017, the theme we have ended up with is the concept of enlightenment. This ties in with topics that are important to us and also opens the way for weaving in aspects that are relevant to the Church of Sweden,” says Daniel Levin, programme manager for the Book Fair.

The Church of Sweden’s Archbishop Antje Jackelén sees an obvious connection between the enlightenment concept and the ideals of the reformationists.

“Because the reformationists stressed issues such as the right to be able to read the Bible and build one’s own understanding in spiritual matters, that has had a major impact on our views on enlightenment and education.

The 2017 theme also aims to highlight enlightenment as an important issue for the future, being ultimately about how we build a good society,” say Mikael Ringlander and Erika Hedenström, project managers for Se människan, the Church of Sweden’s project at the Book Fair.

“Enlightenment is about the capacity to exercise one’s citizenship, to grow and take responsibility as a human being.” Much of this also derives from the Reformation’s ideological legacy.

Next year, the Church of Sweden will be a high-profile partner in the development of the Book Fair’s programmes. In addition to the “Se människan”- stage with its regular programme, the Church of Sweden will also have a whole new stage of its own with a separate programme on the theme of enlightenment and reformation.

“We’re looking forward to many exciting interdisciplinary collaborations,” says Mikael Ringlander.

In the special theme stand, the programme will be fully informed by the Reformation and its importance not only for enlightenment, but for a variety of aspects of the life of the Church and community as well as for individuals’ lives.

“Sweden is marked by 500 years of reformation. We want to highlight both the bright and darker sides of this heritage. But we also want to look to the future and delve into what is standing in the way today for society to develop in a good direction – what needs to be reformed,” says Erika Hedenström.

The Göteborg Book Fair 2017 will take place between 28 September and 1 October. [Church of Sweden News]

Erika Hedenström, Cultural Secretary of the Church of Sweden and project manager for Se människan +46(0)18- 16 96 23
Mikael Ringlander, Project manager for Se människan
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Reformation Year 2017

In 2017, it will be 500 years since Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of All Saints’ Church (more commonly referred to as Castle Church) in Wittenberg and started the Reformation. This anniversary will be celebrated in a variety of ways in Sweden and abroad. During the year, the Church of Sweden will be involved in four major national efforts, the Book Fair in Gothenburg being one of these.

The others are:- The Theology Festival in Uppsala in February- The International Festival in Västerås in June- Reformation Week in October, with a celebratory divine service in all of Sweden’s cathedrals on Reformation Day, 31 October

Se människan

Se människan is organised by the Church of Sweden in collaboration with Verbum förlag publishing house, the Sigtuna Foundation, and the Sensus study circle association.