Informative Reykjavik academic meeting on the environment

Ara Trausta Gudmundsson

Ara Trausta Gudmundsson


Posted 30 May 2016

The first promotional and educational dialogue meeting with Ara Trausta Gudmundsson – geologist, author and environmentaist – entitled ‘World problems – leading to the rescue’, which took place in Digraneskirkju near Reykjavik on 24th May, was well attended by priests and leading figures in the National Church and other Christian Churches.

Mr Gudmundsson presented compelling argument, with photographs and charts showing the state of climate and where it would be unchanged, global warming, its consequences and responses to counter its negative effects.

He spoke of the challenging issues of biological waste and natural resources, but also of the value of recycling and the need make use of raw materials that could be the key to a viable solution to protect against imminent dangers. [Church of Iceland News]