Planned Church-State legislation in Norway


Former Culture Minister Thorhild Widvey (left) and newly appointed Culture Minister Linda Cathrine Hofstad Helleland. (Photo: Wenche Nybo/Ministry of Culture)

Posted 5 January 2016

New culture minister, Linda Cathrine Hofstad Helleland, is responsible for important white papers on Church-State relations in the coming years, says director of theChurch of Norway Council, Jen -Petter Johnsen.

A clear separation between Church and State is scheduled to be implemented in 2017. This means that early in 2016 the Ministry of Culture must submit a proposal for amending legislation to Parliament.

Jen-Petter Johnsen said: “We have great expectations for the new minister in the face of the major and important processes. We anticipate a large degree of consensus in the government and Parliament on the continued process.

“From Church Council side, we depend on close and constructive dialogue with the minister in monitoring parliamentary proposals about changes in relations between the State and the Norwegian Church.”

He said that the new Minister of Culture also has to deal with the planned comprehensive law for religion and belief, which will be submitted to Parliament in 2018-2019. [Church of Norway News]