Porvoo Communion News


Aspect of Porvoo Cathedral. The Porvoo Communion is a Communion of European Anglican and Lutheran Churches that have signed an agreement to “share a common life in mission and service”. The name ‘Porvoo’ comes from Porvoo Cathedral in Finland where the Eucharist was celebrated on the final Sunday of the conversations in 1992, leading to the Common Statement and thus finally to the Porvoo Communion.

News from Porvoo Communion Churches may be sent to us at gazette@ireland.anglican.org. Please send captions with photographs.

News items from around the Porvoo Communion (Latest first) – Click to read.


New church to be built in Copenhagen Click here to read

Queen Elizabeth speaks on Christian Unity, Anglican Primates’ Meeting Click here to read

Helsinki ecumenical discussion on Faith, Peace and Violence Click here to read

Scottish Primus reflects on war remembrance Click here to read

Porvoo Primates’ communiqué Click here to read

Swedish deacons take action for the indebted Click here to read

Church of Denmark Bishop to politicians: ‘Love casts out fear’ Click here to read

Nordic Churches consider refugees and migration Click here to read.

Conference focusing on climate, indigenous peoples and the Arctic Click here to read.

Church in Wales Governing Body not to proceed to Same-Sex Marriage Bill Click here to read.

Lusitanian and Spanish Episcopal Reformed Churches host Porvoo youth pilgrimage Click here to read.

Churches reveal Welsh data on government benefit sanctions Click here to read.

Danish conference on strengthening the rural church Click here to read.

Blasphemy legalised in Iceland. Click here to read.

Archbishop Jackelén addresses the Church of England General Synod. Click here to read.

Church of England looks ahead to COP21 climate change summit in Paris. Click here to listen.

Denmark’s new Minister for the Church Click here to read.

5m Krona to parishes’ work with refugees Click here to read.

Swedish King’s Medal to Inger Lise Olsen Click here to read.

The Porvoo Communion’s Co-Chair, Dr Michael Jackson, talks about ‘Economics and Ethics’ Click here to read.

New insights into Iceland’s monastic history Click here to read.

Theological adviser appointed for Finnish Archbishop Click here to read.

Danish Ministers: Schools reform must not stand in the way of catechists Click here to read.

Swedish Archbishop receives honorary doctorate in Chicago Click here to read.

Clarification regarding settlers turning church compound into a new settlement Click here to read.

Celebration of Full Communion between Church of England and Lutherans in Britain Click here to read.

The Church of Norway and human rights – new document Click here to read.

Church of Norway: Five nominated as new Bishop of South Hålogaland Click here to read.

Archbishop Antje Jackelén meets Pope Francis in Rome Click here to read.

Danish bishops concerned over Saturday funeral charges Click here to read.

‘Highlights’ of Church in Wales Governing Body Click here to read.

Porvoo Communion’s Bad Boll consultation report faces challenge from Church of Finland participant Click here to read.

Danish church bells mark the liberation Click here to read.

Church of Sweden response to Nepal earthquake Click here to read.

Swedish Church Film Prize Click here to read.

Scottish bishop in Parliament discussions Click here to read.

Ordination controversy in Church of Norway Click here to read.

Hope in Haiti exhibition Click here to read.

The Bad Boll report – ‘Perspectives on Economics and Ethics: Behaviour under scrutiny’  Click here to read.

Danish broadcaster corrects baptisms report Click here to read.

Church of Sweden ‘Sharing faith – sharing life’ initiative Click here to read.

Religious belief in Norway – poll result Click here to read.

Iceland religious statistics published Click here to read.

English bishops’ General Election study guide Click here to read.

Archbishop of Uppsala to make podcast series Click here to read.

Church of Norway visit to Lutherans in Jordan and the Holy Land  Click here to read.

Christianity can give powerless a voice – Bishop of Copenhagen Click here to read.