Swedish Archbishop receives honorary doctorate in Chicago

Archbishop Antje Jackelén

Archbishop Jackelén (Photo: Magnus Aronson/IKON)

Posted 25 May 2015

The Archbishop of the Church of Sweden Antje Jackelén has been made an honorary doctor at the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago. This took place on 17th May in conjunction with the School’s 155th annual commencement (degree award) ceremony.

“I am very happy and proud to receive this honorary award. I will always remember my years in Chicago as years that included challenges and tremendous development for me, and I still sometimes lack the contact I had with students and colleagues,” said Archbishop Jackelén.

She received the award for her theological research, especially into the meeting of religion and science, and her leadership in the Christian Church.

The Archbishop was a Professor at the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago before becoming the Bishop of Lund Diocese in 2007. She was also the head of the research centre, called the Zygon Centre for Religion and Science.

The Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago is a Lutheran theological college of higher education that is affiliated to the University of Chicago.