Your July Gazette

This issue is a bumper edition for July/ August, with plenty of news and features for you to read on these long Summer days. And, while international travel still seems a long while away, we have a staycation special, where clergy from the most beautiful parts of this island tell us why we should visit their parishes this Summer.

John Deane-O’Keeffe examines our human attachment to anything resembling a ‘club’ and wonders what this coalitional psychology really means for the faithful.


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Emma Blain
Gazette Editor

Welcome to The Gazette

First published in March 1856 as a monthly journal under the title, The Irish Ecclesiastical Gazette, the Gazette became weekly in 1880. Its name was changed to The Church of Ireland Gazettein 1900. A full archive of back copies is held at the Representative Church Body Library, Braemor Park, Dublin.

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