June 2021 Gazette

As Summer begins and lockdown restrictions ease, our June issue is filled with features to fill the sunny days. For all the BBQ enthusiasts among us, Rev Stephen Farrell explores the benefits of the summer ritual, and how they are about community, culture and coming together.

Our interview this month is with artist Laura Steerman, who gave up her career in law to become an artist, and now brings joy, and comfort to families through her work as an ultrasound artist. She tells us how her work can be emotional, challenging and exciting.

Lydia Monds explores the trends in children’s and family ministry throughout lockdown, with comparisons from across the island. She looks at how the desire to have the whole church family again is consistent across parishes and how the Children’s Ministry can provide support in rebuilding those relationships.

Rev Chris West has been announced as one of the five winners of the World Council of Churches (WCC) prestigious essay writing competition. In our June issue, Rev West writes exclusively about the themes explored in his winning entry- faith, hope and love as key principles for interreligious engagement.

The devotional this month comes from Rev Cathy Hallisey, and there are all the usual features including Mother’s Union reports, Liturgical Notes, the  Diocesan Focus and Archive of the Month.

All this and much more in the June issue of the Gazette.