March 2023 Gazette

In our March issue, we ask, what is ESG, and how can it work for the benefit of the Church of Ireland? Prof Patricia Barker, a member of the General Synod and the Diocesan Council of Dublin and Glendalough explores the concept.

On International Women’s Day, Rev’d Paul Arbuthnot looks at why we should take time to give thanks to God for the witness of women to Jesus Christ in the Gospel.

The devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, may lead many to question their faith and resolve. In her newly published book Broken Planet, Dr Sharon Dirckx, scientist and apologist, offers a measured and thoughtful case for how there could be a God of love that allows natural disasters. We have an exclusive extract in our March issue where she explores some of the questions that arise after disasters occur, and how we can begin to comprehend them.

We also learn about the warm welcome that Agherton church has been giving to the refugees that have arrived in the Portstewart parish.

Our use of language can at times verge on the comical says John Deane-O’Keeffe, but when it comes to scriptural semantics, we must pay greater heed.

Diocesan Focus this month is on Derry and Raphoe, where Paul McFadden reports on a tragic, yet hopeful year for the Diocese.

In his devotional Rev’d Chris MacBruithin asks the question of whether Teleministry is the answer, while elsewhere, we learn about some of the many outreach projects of the Mother’s Union across the island, from Darndale to Down and Dromore. All this and much more in your March issue of the Gazette.